All Dressed Up & Nowhere to Go

Do you ever imagine an outfit in your mind that is so cool but you have no place to wear it? That is me ALL of the time and I totally felt like that with this outfit…

Mini skirts are a MAJOR trend this Spring/Summer and I couldn’t be happier. I honestly have always loved a good distressed denim mini but for a long time they were just so dated and reminded many of us of middle school (I’m regretting throwing out the handful I used to have from way back when!) But now that they’re back and better than ever I am taking full advantage.

Anyways, I picked up this black denim mini from over the winter and was dying to have the opportunity to wear it – and this is exactly what I pictured with it. To me this outfit is a very “LA/California girl” look so I didn’t really have an appropriate place to wear it here on the East Coast, so it was just a fun weekend look.

t-shirt / skirt / bag / shoes / jacket (embellished version)