Best Kind of Basic

I am very guilty of religiously staying up too late on Sunday nights denying the fact that the weekend is over and Monday is approaching. I do it every week, and regret it just the same but I will never learn!

This really bad sleeping habit is the reason why I lean toward basic, but classic outfits on Mondays. It just makes life easier, and once you’re in a good spot and organized with the rest of the things going on in life, you can plan better outfits for the days ahead.

So, the trick is to just pick one really good staple from your closet and plan an outfit around that – it doesn’t have to be over the top or your best outfit ever, but one that is in style and more on the simple side (which I always love).

In this case, I planned around one of my favorite leather jackets. I love the look of a leather jacket and a simple tee, so that combo was easy. Next, throw on a cool, trendy pair of jeans and your best black booties and you’re done.

This outfit took less than 5 minutes to think of and I would say could get you through spring, a summer night and even the fall. Since the weather has been warm one day and freezing the next, I felt perfectly fine in this look even though it’s May.

Jacket | Booties | Jeans (No longer available but by SIWY Denim – I cut the ankles myself so you can easily do this to a pair you already own!) | T-Shirt