Cold Shoulder

Lets just say I love kick-flare jeans. I know they’re kind of a piece that you love or you hate, but I think once you try them on and realize how easy they are to style you will want a pair too.

I’ve found that Rag & Bone has the best pairs, but they’re more on the expensive side and somewhat of an investment piece in your jean collection. I’ve also bought some really cute pairs from Current/Elliot, DL1961, J.Crew and even H&M (which is the pair I’m wearing now – only $20!!)

Another trick to finding the perfect pair for your body type and height is buying regular flare or boot cut jeans that fit you really well and cut them to the perfect length. The flare will be the perfect width and not as dramatic as a store bought pair. I’ve done this with a few of my older jeans that I became tired of, and they turned out so well. Great way to try out the trend without spending any $$!

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