Grey Spring Days

I shot this look over the weekend, and since then May 1st has come and gone, but I’m still wondering if it’s ever going to feel like Spring? It’s insane! Once Winter is over, most people just can’t wait for summer but I seriously enjoy Spring and am sad that it’s essentially non-existent this year.

Transitional weather is already really challenging when it comes to thinking of what to wear. I’ve been dying to pull out floral tops and white denim from last season and new items that I’ve recently purchased but this grey, rainy weather makes it hard to feel right wearing them.

As a result, I put together this look which I felt was a compromise. This top is one that I bought way back when in September, and both the jeans and sandals are new. Although the top is floral, it’s in a muted color palette so it didn’t feel over the top with the crisp white jeans. And, the sandals are in a color that is really a year round shade as far as footwear go.

Jeans / Top / Sandals