Laid Back Levi’s

It’s pretty clear that Levi’s are dominating street style looks as of late, and I think every girl needs at least one pair in their closet. If you think about it, Levi’s are probably the most iconic pair you’ll own, so they’ll never go out of style and always look cool with everything.

I will be honest – I ordered quite a few different fits this spring and kept 4 (yes, I know I have issues) that I felt are timeless and would play versatile roles in my closet. Though I tried on a few different styles (like the Icon Wedgie) I found that the 501 Skinny was the most flattering for my body type.

The pair that I am wearing here were sold out in my size for almost two months, and after tracking them down I realized the wait was so worth it – like I mentioned, they’re the 501 Skinny which is the perfect low-key fit that isn’t too baggy or fitted. I would compare this style to a pair of “girlfriend” jeans vs. a “boyfriend” pair that can be overwhelming on petite girls and feel really frumpy.

These jeans will be in heavy rotation this Spring/Summer but the first time I threw them on, I knew a crop top would be so cute with the high rise so I paired the look with a sweater I picked up from MissGuided. I normally try to stay away from fast-fashion brands that produce clothes at supercheap price points (and even cheaper quality), but considering how quickly even a quality sweater begins to fall apart, I took the chance with this one.

This look was sooo easy to wear and super comfortable but still had me feeling like I was on-trend, perfect for a chill weekend!

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