The Perfect Shirt for Fall

This shirt is everywhere this fall. I’ve seen various renditions of this blouse across the board in both designer and lower end styles ( Anine Bing for $180, by Madewell for $50) but the version that I am wearing is by Target (!). Let’s just say I am so happy that I found this exact replica for less than $25 before I splurged on another makers’ version.

Immediately, I thought it would be fun to balance the fun shape of this top out by wearing some kick flare jeans, but the options here are endless. Obviously, this top will always be the center of attention in any outfit, but I think it would also look great tucked into some boyfriend jeans or a mini skirt. Just remember to keep it balanced since this is such a statement item.

Since we’re on the topic of Target, I have to say, I’ve picked up so many different fall pieces that I am unexpectedly obsessed with! I found this blazer (plaid is so popular for fall), this dress (I think it’s a shirt but I wore it as a dress), the white version of this shirt, and this wrap blouse. ALL of these items are beyond affordable, surprisingly good quality, and so helpful when transitioning into cooler weather.

Shop my exact pieces below: