Vintage Band Tee

I have always, always loved band t-shirts. I’m not sure why, because I wouldn’t say I listen to a ton of rock music and was born way after the many of the famous bands that you’ll see on t-shirts were actually popular. I just think they are effortlessly cool and laid back, which is something I tend to feel most comfortable wearing. You will never see me too done up or too over the top, because I stick to things I feel comfortable wearing, and to me, is the most important part of getting dressed – feeling good and feeling yourself!

I’ve picked up quite a few different band tees lately since they’re pretty on-trend right now, and you’d be surprised at all of the places you can find them! One of my favorites is an ACDC shirt I found for $11.99 at H&M (so random!) and I’ve even noticed some cool ones at Target. Of course, you can find a huge selection at Nordstrom, Revolve, etc. but sometimes it’s better when you can find one that’s a little less mainstream. (You can also find some really cool ones in the men’s section too, if you can find a small size)

This Journey shirt was more of a unique find and is made by a company called MadeWorn – (pretty self-explanatory) but the t-shirts they produce have the best lived-in feel and just the right amount of minimal distressing. MadeWorn tees are more on the expensive side but I scooped this one up on sale and it was so worth it.

Another thing I try to keep in mind when wearing a t-shirt like this is to not look toooo edgy or rock and roll. It just looks cheesy and doesn’t make sense for everyday life. So, I paired it with my favorite pair of white jeans, sneakers and a light jacket. Looking back at these pictures, I think a pair of black ripped skinnies would have looked just as cool (and I kind of wish I wore them instead) but nonetheless you get the idea!

(This tee is no longer available – Similar Here) / Jeans / Sneakers / (Jacket is from TJX so I can’t link – super cheap similar version Here)